Start the countdown to increased profits with The Profit Director

What we do

We embed a Profit Director in your business to maximize your profits; working with your people and operating at the heart of your business to deliver the outcomes you desire by putting PROFIT at the centre of people performance. Reporting to the board we profile, develop and implement opportunities within your business to maximize your profitability. We deliver the HOW and the WHO in your WHAT and BY WHEN strategy through our KNOWLEDGE and FOCUS on PROFIT.

How we do it

Day to day business is full of distractions and levels of buy-in to profitability vary enormously within every organisation. We deliver a strategic focus on profit to optimize people performance; putting a focus on profit at the centre of daily priorities.

“Profit is the lifeblood of your business.”

What are the benefits for your business

During the 7 years of the recession we delivered for our clients an average 30% profit gain whilst the average UK company reported less than 5% growth in annual profits. Our focus delivers your strategy.

Profits fuel growth leading to sustainable cashflows which increase the value of your business. Profits enable and empower, enhance credibility and enable momentum whilst protecting your business against hostile forces from within and without.

Average or below average profit levels restrict investment in new people, new plant/machinery, new technology and limit your growth.

Who is your Profit Director?